Study M.B.B.S and B.D.S in China

M.B.B.S in China

Study M.B.B.S and B.D.S in China

China is known to be the largest country of all Asian countries with the largest population in the world. It occupies the nearly all of the East Asian area covering of about one-fourteenth of the land of Earth.

M.B.B.S in China

Why Study M.B.B.S in China?

The potential in china for international students is immense during and after their completion of degree. China is known for its 4,000 years old history, is also popular for its Rich Culture and good Educational Custom. Their traditions in the field of medicine and standardized educational experience for international students continue till today. the ‘Interim Provisions for Quality Control Standards in Undergraduate Medical Education for international students was first published by the Chinese Ministry of Education (MOE) in 2007 to control strict standards and is still published annually. There are total 49 accepted medical schools for international students that are authorized by the Chinese government. Studying in china is a big trend for international students in recent times as it provides a beautiful environment, English medium teaching, advanced infrastructures, affordable cost, quality education and most importantly, this country is one of developing fast country in the world which attracts international students even more.

Benefits of Studying M.B.B.S and B.D.S in China:

  • Medical Schools in China whether it is to pursue B.D.S or M.B.B.S, they are recognized by the china council and even by the World Health Organization (WHO) in the “Directory of World Medical Schools.
  • The medical degree is globally recognized around the world including South-East Asia, South Asia, Africa content, Middle East countries, America content, Pacific Ocean Content and European Content.
  • Advanced infrastructures, peaceful environment and cheap costs for students.
  • No Entry Test is required.
  • Only A-levels and F.Sc students can apply with minimum marks of 60%.
  • There is no condition for bank statement or IELTS.

B.D.S in China

  • Choosing Medical Fields from Top Universities also helps Students in China to carry on their post graduate studies easily.
  • China ranks first in the number of doctors as well as higher education.
  • With a total of 195,503 international students, this country has established exchange relations and educational cooperation with 188 plus countries from which 33 have signed an agreement of mutual recognition of Academic Degrees.
  • There are more than 10000 international students every year that come to china to pursue their career in B.D.S, M.B.B.S and other Medical Programs. The graduates at the moment have open choices for their further education whether they want to carry on in their own country or go abroad.
  • With the largest population in the world, it has become one of the world’s largest medical markets. The universities authorized to enroll international students are required to meet minimum standards set by the Ministry of Education. The affiliated hospital must be with the tier of Grade III, Level A where students do internships so they are equipped with the best advanced international-standard medical instruments along with adequate number of beds for patients.


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  • Travel Arrangements for Students ✈️
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