Study M.B.B.S, M.D and B.D.S in Azerbaijan

M.B.B.S & B.D.S in Azerbaijan

Study M.B.B.S, M.D and B.D.S in Azerbaijan

Formally known as the Republic of Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan is located in the eastern part of Eurasia. On the border of Georgia and Russia. Surrounded by Caspian Sea and Caucasus mountains, it is a beautiful country with its capital (largest) city called “Baku”.

The population record of 2019 in Azerbaijan is approximately 10 million with a literacy rate of Azerbaijan is about 99.5% according to the United Nations Development Program Report. The official language is famous for being called out as a Turkish language but is named after the country as “Azerbaijani”. The best part for international students is that English and Russian are a form of communication and education as 2nd and 3rd language respectively. The land borders around 2628 km with 3 mountain ranges that cover 40% of the country which is why the climate is very humid in flatland’s and subtropical in the mountains.

M.B.B.S in Azerbaijan

Why M.B.B.S, MD and B.D.S in Azerbaijan

University education has been globalized in all spheres of life. In the field of international education, Azerbaijan is a new player that has made a major breakthrough to attract foreign students. There are around 26000 Foreign Students studying at the moment.

M.B.B.S, M.D and B.D.S in Azerbaijan are a medically approved program worldwide with a widely recognized curriculum and the education system. One of the most famous of all is the Azerbaijan medical university where MD is an equivalent degree of M.B.B.S in other countries. Students from various countries come to pursue quality education here, experience culture and diversity in a friendly environment with a refreshing tropical climate.

Merits of doing M.B.B.S, MD and B.D.S in Azerbaijan

In this rapidly growing world, Azerbaijan proves to be a great destination at Low Cost and Affordable Price providing high-quality education without any compromise. The admissions in Azerbaijan medical university are solely based on first come first serve basis and merit system. The overall monthly costs make up to $130 which is quite cheap compared to other countries.

The admission process of M.B.B.S, M.D and B.D.S is free, simple and hassle-free. Not only this, but the list of the world’s leading medical universities includes Azerbaijan medical university. It has gained WHO, I.C.I and international recognition so its easy for the students to get their medical courses approved. Moreover, those joining the program automatically become eligible for PLAB, USMLE etc. and admission in PG medical level is much easier after graduation.

B.D.S in Azerbaijan

Even though the Cost of Living and Tuition Fee is much less, the state ensures free higher education for talented students that scored remarkably good through discounts and scholarships. As Azerbaijan follows a similar education system to Russia (previously a part of USSR), their medical curriculum in Azerbaijan medical university requires to study Russian language for international students giving them a chance to communicate easily with their fellows.

Foreign students find it easy to live particularly in large cities like Baku. They can either choose to stay at the university’s dorm or live with a local family on rent giving them an opportunity to learn more about culture, food and language. The place offers Moderate Weather conditions with warm-hearted locals who are eager to help irrespective of people’s nationality.


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